This is the summer camp for you, if you are a movement enthusiast,
if you are a meditator, change maker, martial artist,
yogi, sustainability advocate, nature lover!

Let’s get together and move, learn, share, grow & love.
Join us and awake your inner hero.

Northern Italy / 19. August – 01. September 2018


A training event, festival & outdoor camp. The 12-day journey of the Spirit of the Hero is not just a normal workshop. It is a powerful process. A training camp with a goal! You will come as you are and leave as a hero. Full of energy, with new uplifting routines, a detoxed body & mind, and supportive new friends.

Training, because we will train together every day like a monastic family. Festival, because there is time to make music, to dance, to enjoy wonderful vegan/vegetarian health food and share ideas with the hero family. Camp, because we will spend lots of time in nature, swim in the waterfall, gather around the fire and see the stars surrounded by the beautiful Ligurian mountains.

Body, Soul & Connection
3 topics combined in 12 days


We believe we need to come back to a holistic lifestyle and that is why the hero needs to consciously go through all aspects of his being. This is reflected in the physical training, in the meditation & inner work and in the connection to the outside world and the skills we will train in the hero camp.

Each day emphasizes one of these aspects, but also contains the other two parts. It is a fractal structure. Every topic is part of the whole. And this also boosts the outcome we get in each area.

The training of the hero


  • Develop internal power and free movement (with martial arts training, ancestral movement patterns & yoga)
  • Raise your fitness & health to new heights
  • Realistic drills and application training (Missing Link Karate)
  • Flexibility, Strength & Body Awareness
  • Hero wake-up training (physical activation)
  • Outdoor crossfit parkour training in the forest
  • Archery session in the forest
  • Stick fighting
  • Daily Hero Mission
  • ‘Mori-Gari’ team fighting challenge in the forest

The temple of the hero


  • Gain a deep body awareness and body/mind connection with Qi Gong (Secret Elements & Wudang Qi Gong)
  • Live in the present moment
  • Hero wake-up training (Morning meditation)
  • A perfect stress detox
  • The complete Level 1 of Secret Elements Qi Gong is integrated into the 12 days. An additional ‘Basic Teacher’ certification is possible.
  • Intuitive development training with shamanic exercises
  • Daily Hero Mission
  • Fire Ceremony
  • ‘Mori-Gari’ soul challenge in the forest

The skills of the hero


  • 5 Elements coaching process. Use traditional Daoist wisdom for your life planning, your work & relationships.
  • Counseling & support from like-minded people
  • 12 days of the best organic, vegetarian health food
  • Hero wake-up training (positive psychology)
  • ‘Plastic free’ workshop to produce your own products
  • Mindful eating workshop
  • Daily Hero Mission
  • Thai Yoga Massage session
  • Sauna evening

What do you get?

Awesome Community

When you put people in a save, supportive environment and let them grow together, an unbeatable community is created.

The best healthy Italian cuisine!

Fresh veggies & fruits straight from the Permaculture plantations of Centro Anidra and prepared with love. Best Italian food, sugar free, gluten free and vegan.

A super strong body connection

Ancestral Movement training, Qi Gong and Body Mapping will get you in a state of extreme connection to your own body.

Healthy new routines

The Hero Wake Up training in the morning and the whole 12 day process will give you strong routines you can keep up after the camp.

Stress Detox

12 days of Meditation, Qi Gong and refocussing on what is really important to you will drastically reduce the stress you accumulated.


The camp will bring you to the next level of your fitness (wherever you are at the moment).

Calmness & inner Focus

You will reconnect with yourself through meditation, being in nature and the reflection exercises we do.

Your inner Hero

You will go home feeling more content and heroic than before and realize that you actually are on your own hero journey!

The Spirit of the Hero Process
12 days of change

The Spirit of the Hero camp is a powerful process. It opens the door between body, mind & emotions through conscious and aware training methods. And it is unbelievable how much you can achieve in such an intense time.

Every day will be a Yang or a Yin day on a rotating basis. On the Yang days the focus lies on conscious bodywork, outdoor training & fitness. On the Yin days it lies on Qi Gong, meditation and self-development training. Nevertheless will each day contain elements from all Hero areas (Body, Soul, Connection).

This process enables the best immersion effects and results. Every Yin day will also lead you through the phases of the 5 Chinese elements, which then culminate in the final Hero day.

Go through this adventure as an elite athlete or total couch potato, totally stressed out or as a longtime meditator. Let yourself be supported by inspirational like-minded people and inspire and support others.
This is the Spirit of the Hero!


19. August – 01. September 2018

The Location

In the mountains of Liguria, far away from the touristic centers, were porcupines stroll trough the forests and pass along old abandoned stone houses – lies Centro Anidra.

An Eco-village, organic farm and retreat centre located in the Sturla valley, formed by a rocky stream coming down from the mountains. The centre is so vast that it contains a waterfall, mountain forests, hidden glades and a hiking track & crossfit parkour that takes 45 minutes to walk. Perfect for the Spirit of the Hero camp!

Its massive tent-like ‘dojo’, the training hall, can be opened so the daily sessions will be literally outside, if we don’t train in the forest.

Imagine you wake up to the sound of the birds in the mountains. Start your day with a session of meditation and the Hero wake up training, overlooking the valley of Centro Anidra. And then enjoy the beautiful healthy superfood breakfast in the company of great like-minded people.


The Surrounding

Centro Anidra is located in the wonderful Northern Italian region of Liguria. There are plenty of things to do and explore in the area.

You can use a couple of days before or after the camp to see more from Liguria. Or you can use the free day during the camp.

Starting directly from Centro Anidra there are wonderful hiking tracks. In the surrounding mountain region, you can visit old churches, manufactories, see wild horses, climb, bike or kayak.

Following down the valley you will soon reach the Mediterranean Sea where the world famous villages Portofino & Cinque Terre are just a short drive away.

The Cuisine

A camp of physical training, inner cleansing and holistic living should also be accompanied by great food.

During the camp you will enjoy a full catering of freshly made organic food from Italian produce of the region. The meals will be vegetarian/vegan health food arranged by our food enthusiast Camilla and cooked by the Italian chefs at the centre.

We will start the day with a fresh smoothie enriched with superfoods and granola. After the morning trainings a full lunch menu will give us enough power for the rest of the day. And then a healthy dinner will round up the exciting days in the camp.

The dishes served will be vegan/vegetarian, whole grain, wheat-free and sugar-free. Completely gluten-free options are also available. A great amount of the produce will come from the center’s own organic farming.

What’s included in the 12 days:

  • Daily professional training in theory & practice

  • Additional activities and fun like archery, camp fires, music
  • Daily ‘Hero Wake Up Training’

  • Your Hero book guides you through the training and gives room to note down epiphanies

  • Holistic structure: Each day has a focus but always contains physical, mental and group training

  • 11 days training and one free exploration day

  • 13 nights in one of the accommodation types of Centro Anidra

  • Time to relax or to explore the Centro and its surrounding

  • 3 meals of organic vegan/vegetarian health food each day

  • Welcome evening at the camp fire with music, our ‘hero drink’ & night meditation
  • Initialisation morning in nature
  • The opportunity to share your skills with others

  • Final Hero Quest at the end of the camp followed by a communal festival evening 
  • Free use of the whole area including the crossfit forest route

What’s not included:

  • Transportation to the center (pick up can be arranged)
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance
  • The Eco Village sauna can be used for a small fee

What to bring:

  • Training clothes
  • Shoes for outdoor training
  • Rain-proof equipment
  • Your musical instrument, if you play one

How to get there:

  • By plane: nearest airports are Milan or Pisa (very cheap tickets from all around Europe)
  • By car
  • By train and local bus (stops right at the center’s entrance)
  • Get friends to join you and share a car

Camp Options

The options for the camp and its training process including accommodation and the brilliant food.

Friends Discount: 50 € off each for 2 people / 100 € off each for 3+ people


The wild Hero's Option


Outdoor camping in your own tent

Set up your tent where you like
12 days training process
Full board organic vegetarian/vegan health food
Hero training material

Retreat + Accommodation: 547 €
Organic health food: 450 €

Outdoor camping

You can set up your own tent on one of the beautiful sites in the forest near the river. Outdoor toilets and washing facilities are provided. You will be in the middle of nature to enjoy the real adventure.
The meals will be provided in the dining house with all the other participants, a walk trough the woods away.


The timber Hero's Option


Ecological Village

Bed in the wooden bungalows
12 days training process
Full board organic vegetarian/vegan health food
Hero training material

Retreat + Accommodation: 947 €
Organic health food: 450 €

Ecological Village

The Eco-Village consists of several wooden houses arranged into a beautiful little village. Your room will be in one of the cosy houses. Bathrooms and toilets are either in-house or in the neighboring bathroom house. There is also a sauna in the Eco-Village and the dining house belongs to it. The village is the central hub of Centro Anidra.


The stone Hero's Option


Old Stonehouse

Bed in the luxurious stone house
12 days training process
Full board organic vegetarian/vegan health food
Hero training material

Retreat + Accommodation: 1147 €
Organic health food: 450 €

Old Stonehouse

The old stone house was turned into a lodge with 5 beautiful rooms arranged after the 5 elements by a Feng Shui adviser. All rooms have a bath ensuite and in-floor heating. The old stone house is beneath the herbal gardens and right by the Eco-Village. Its cozy rooms offer a comfortable and elegant stay during the camp.

Friends & Family Discount: 50 € off each for 2 people / 100 € off each for 3+ people

Reserve your spot: We require the full amount or a non-refundable deposit of 600 € to reserve your spot.

Any remaining balance is due 60 days before the camp.

Please note: Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the minimum reservation deposit of 600 €. Any cancellation received in writing between July 1st, 2018 and August 1st, 2018 will result in a loss of 50% of the total camp price (with the minimum of the 600 € deposit). Any cancellation made between: August 2nd, 2018 and the camp’s start date will result in a total loss of funds. We reserve the right to cancel the camp if it is not meeting the participant minimum (if we do so your full amount including any deposit is refunded in full). Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans.

The Hero Team

The training during the 12 days is a professional process instructed by the well-experienced team of the Spirit of the Hero camp and supported by the staff at Centro Anidra. Nevertheless the camp is also created and completed by its participants, by you.


Main instructor for the camp’s training process

Sascha led a very special life in the last 20 years. Training martial arts from his childhood on, he started to travel to Asia to deepen his knowledge. He trained in various places, in monasteries and temples and widened his perspective with many different health methods.

He then started on a 2 year exploration project around the globe searching for lost wisdom and traditional techniques. From this broad and deep source he creates training programs and concepts for private and business applications all around the world.

In his hometown Dortmund in Germany he founded the martial arts, health and Asia center ‘Mein Tempel’ (my temple), is founding member of the international Missing Link martial arts community and co-founder of the Secret Elements Qi Gong system.



Camp organization, Nutrition, Qi Gong instructor, Yin Yoga teacher

Camilla is the organizer behind the camp and creates the flow of the whole experience. She used to work for five star hotels all around the world before she was drawn to new challenges and adventures.

Since then, she has completed an education as a Thai yoga massage therapist in one of the most prestigious training centers in Bangkok and has broadened this knowledge with a Shiatsu education. She is a Qi Gong instructor and enthusiast for a tasty and healthy plant-based nutrition. She loves to collect recipes from local chefs from around the world like Bali and Vietnam.
Camilla will help to create the culinary experience and will pass on some of her easy to make recipes and nutrition tips in the mindful eating workshop during the camp. Additionally, she will use her contagious passion for trail and obstacle runs to help you through our cross fit challenge.


Martial arts instructor & Integrated physical training

Conny is practicing martial arts since her childhood. She early on started to cross-train and expand her knowledge into different styles. Her professional background as studied psychologist also contributes to her unique blend of skills.

She belongs to the group of founding members of the Missing Link martial arts community. Her training led her to places like India and China which further widened her perspective on martial arts and physical training.

She offers not only a deep rooted Karate training, which focuses on the understanding and application of Kata, the traditional forms, but also holistic physical training approaches and psychological background knowledge.



Intuitive development training, meditation, flowing movement, Qi Gong instructor

Joana has a well rounded background in various moving arts. As a child she started with oriental dance and became an experienced teacher and dancer. Besides that she is a fitness enthusiast, Yoga practitioner and generally movement addicted.

After training Kungfu in China she started to practice Qi Gong. She uses it on a daily basis to bring balance into her demanding days.

In her trainings she builds a close relationship with her students and combines her
physical training with a pinch of hippie love.

Besides that she is an environmental scientist and specialized on the effects of plastic. She will share her expertise in how to avoid plastic and how to create plastic free products.

Guest teacher: Dana Parker

Ancestral movement, Regression, Intuitive development 

A life long studier of dance in all forms, Dana has trained in Polestar Pilates, various martial arts, yoga, meditation, modern dance/ballet and a variety of energy healing modalities. She is considered one of Australia’s foremost Argentine Tango dance specialists (Tango Butterfly).

More recently Dana’s curiosities have led to studies in Ancestral Movement (re)patterning, Neurology, releasing trauma in the body, Regression & Hypnosis Therapy and reclaiming intuitive knowledge.

She is humbled to be invited to share her work with the Spirit of the Hero camp! Hopefully you can join in as we journey together.

To read more about Dana, see www.tangobutterfly.com.au / www.thebutterflytechnique.com / www.danaspiritbutterfly.com


Centro Anidra Staff & Experts

Workshops, Organization, Catering 

The wonderfully friendly staff at Centro Anidra consists of permanent residents and international volunteers. Themselves trained in different traditional movement styles they are competent hosts for our camp.

Their experts will arrange some of the workshops during the Connection week, like organic farming and herb picking in the forest.

Known for their fine home cooking style of food, they will also provide the catering for our camp.


Share, teach, perform

If you have some extraordinary skills or teaching expertise in an area that fits to the hero camp we welcome you to share it with us. We will see where we can fit your skill into the schedule so you can share it with all of us.

If you can perform, in music, dance or other fields, let us know and we would love to see your performance. Either around the campfire, under the stars or at the final challenge evening.


Spirit of the Hero – 12 day journey for body & mind

19. August 2017 (arrival day)
01. September 2017 (departure day)

Centro Anidra / Retreat, Eco Village & Nature Park in Liguria, Northern Italy

For Whom
People who are into movement, into holistic living and nature. For everyone who is stressed, overworked and just needs a big time out. For all the martial artists, for yogis, sustainability champions, bio-hacker, urban gardeners… for all the heroes out there.

Not for
People who are not open to different modalities, traditions and new approaches.

Daily physical and mental training, self-reflection, practical & knowledge lessons, meditation, adventure, experience & challenges.

Camp languages: English, German
Also spoken: Italian, French

Qi Gong teacher certification

The Level 1 of Secret Elements Qi Gong is incorporated into the training of the Spirit of the Hero camp. If you want to take part in the special teacher training sessions and take the certification test in the end of the 12 days you can add this educational module to your camp experience. It is the perfect opportunity to become a Qi Gong teacher while you attend the camp:

+ 300 € – Qi Gong teacher training module

The teacher training module contains some additional in-depth sessions with Sascha, Joana & Camilla. You will get individual corrections and all the background knowledge necessary to take the teacher certification test.

What is Secret Elements Qi Gong:


Secret Elements Qi Gong is a Qi Gong, Self-Balance & Therapy method developed by international teacher Sascha Wagener and well-known German Kinesiologist Martin Nienhaus.

It connects the ancient knowledge of Chinese Qi Gong & medicine with modern research from Kinesiology and Psychology. As a compact self-help tool it empowers people to balance their physical and emotional state and actively take their health and happiness in their own hands.

The body awareness gained by practicing Qi Gong is unparalleled and lets the practitioner experience himself/herself on a new level of connection.

Now taught around the world it enriches the toolbox of many therapists, Yoga teachers & people interested in their own holistic health preservation.

  • I went to the level 1 course of Secret Elements Qi Gong to learn more about Yin and Yang energies and the wisdom of Qi Gong. I had no more expectations. When I started the course, I sensed that Sascha wasn’t just our teacher, he was much more than that. I was privileged enough to share two days with truly amazing people and having the mentorship of Sascha. I left the course inspired and keen to learn more about Qi Gong. In fact, the course was so amazing that I decided to do Level 2 the following weekend ! Thank you so much for all your care in teaching and for all the effort preparing templates, videos and manuals. Thank you for showing me that Qi Gong is much more than a 2-day course. It is a way of life!!
    Isabel Alexandra Cunha
  • The Secret Elements Qi Gong Course was deeply insightful and gave me a great understanding of how energy and the natural laws of the universe work. Sascha is a patient and kind teacher and holds a depth of knowledge. I feel excited to share what I have learned with others and to continue to practice the techniques to master Qi Gong and all areas of my life.
    Skye Smith
    Yoga teacher & graphic designer

Join the ‘Spirit of the Hero’ now

There are limited rooms in each accommodation category, so make sure to apply now and secure your spot.

Location of the camp

Centro Anidra

Centro Olistico Anidra – Borzonasca, Genova
Località Casali di Stibiveri, 3
16041  Borzonasca  (Genova)

Car: The drive to Centro Anidra leads trough beautiful Liguria and Northern Italy. If you live in central Europe it is a very recommendable trip by car. And maybe if you have some extra days you can even turn it into a roadtrip.

Flights: To reach Centro Anidra and the Spirit of the Hero camp you can cheaply fly to Milan or Pisa from all around Europe.

Train: From every airport you can take a train to Chiavari near Genua. The train system is very reliable and easy to navigate.

Bus: There is a public bus running from Chiavari to Centro Anidra. It is very cheap but does not run very regularly.

Pickup Service

We offer a transfer option from the train station in Chiavari into the mountains straight to the camp location. One trip is 15 € per person. Tell us your arrival time and we will be there waiting for you. (A discount applies if people share the car) 

What the participants say

  • After the camp I am more calm, centered, balanced, grounded and connected to myself. I am not the same person as I was before.
  • The internal process of the camp is hard to put into words. So many doors opened. My heart released pain, healed, opened. I feel embraced by beautiful souls and home like with my true family. The hero tribe enables growth and strengthens through softness. The structure, lectures, practices & rituals we made opened doors to different dimensions of my mind and I rarely had the opportunity to act out my inner child that much in my daily life.
  • For me working on the small muscle groups and the spinal work was quite a game changer. Bringing body mapping into an externally triggered movement was really nice.