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Life Atlas Book

Life Atlas

Life Atlas is the idea that we look much deeper in our lifes. That we become the explorer and adventurer we are meant to be on our journey. Body movements, meditation, memory regression, analysis, are all methods to evolve as human beings.

The real adventure in this life is to get to know yourself and experience your connection to the world.

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The Hero Rituals Online Program


The Hero Rituals Online Program

A 40-Day Online/Real Life Challenge

This unique program takes you on a real adventure. A real hero’s journey for your mind, your body and your spirit. You will come out of it as the hero you are meant to be.

Spirit of the Hero camp


The Spirit of the Hero (No. 2)
August 2018

12 day journey for body & mind
Body, Soul & Connection Camp

This is the summer camp for you, if you are a movement enthusiast, if you are a meditator, change maker, martial artist,
yogi, sustainability advocate, nature lover!
Let’s get together and move, learn, share, grow & love. Go with us through the process of becoming a hero.

Amanoi Full Moon Retreat


Feel your secret Energy – Retreat at Amanoi in Vietnam 
May 2018

From the 22. – 30. of May Sascha will run the ‘Feel your secret Energy’ retreat at the exclusive Amanoi property in Vietnam. As one of the best Spas in the world Amanoi will be the perfect place for a retreat that realigns you with your inner power.

Culminating in the Full Moon Festival on the final day of the retreat, we will use Qi Gong, Craniosacral therapy and Spa treatments to make this a deep and sustainable experience.

Qi Gong Education


Secret Elements Qi Gong Education
Intense courses & teacher trainings

Secret Elements Qi Gong is co-founded by Sascha Wagener and is a powerful system to easily balance yourself and create a greater awareness for your body and mind. Look out for dates of the comprehensive level 1 intense course that is taught in locations around the world.

Energy Club


Energy Club – Elemental Journey Tour
Germany 2017

The Energy Club is a unique blend of workshop, event and entertainment. A conscious and inspiring happening for everybody who want to get in a deep connection to others and himself. The Energy Club combines methods of Qi Gong, Yoga, Martial arts, Coaching, Meditation, Chinese medicine, Counseling and Entrepreneurship into a powerful experience.

  • I went to the level 1 course of Secret Elements Qi Gong to learn more about Yin and Yang energies and the wisdom of Qi Gong. I had no more expectations. When I started the course, I sensed that Sascha wasn’t just our teacher, he was much more than that. I was privileged enough to share two days with truly amazing people and having the mentorship of Sascha. I left the course inspired and keen to learn more about Qi Gong. In fact, the course was so amazing that I decided to do Level 2 the following weekend ! Thank you so much for all your care in teaching and for all the effort preparing templates, videos and manuals. Thank you for showing me that Qi Gong is much more than a 2-day course. It is a way of life!!
    Isabel Alexandra Cunha
  • Level 2 Qi gong, was for me a continuing inner journey of self development, with like minded people that not only want to improve the quality of their lives but others in the world as well… Learning life changing skills and tools through body movement and awareness, that created a deeper understanding of the elements and their forms… A journey of roller coaster emotions, led by Sascha, who presents his teachings in a relaxed but thorough way… Qi gong is now a part of my expanding quest for balance and knowledge…I am very much looking forward to passing this practice on to help create some inner wellness for others. Mind, Body, Soul, connection…
    Lee Martin