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Life Atlas creates holistic and adventurous programs in forms of trainings, retreats and events. All these follow the Life Atlas philosophy of working with the Body, the Soul and the Connection to other people and the outside world. With this holistic framework the Life Atlas programs reach deep and wide and reconnect the individual with him/herself.

All Life Atlas events are journeys and adventures into our own life. Cause we ultimately believe that life is a journey. And life should be adventurous. We are here to explore our inner unlimited potential and the world around us. Life became dull and uninspiring for so many people. Thus they look outside for filling this wide gap in themselves. But the only answer is to be found inside of us and in our relationship to the outside world.

So step out of all accustomed patterns, step out of the believe that life is mean or hard, step out of your rooms and walls – leap into yourself, into phantasy and into adventure!



Every true endeavor must incorporate the Soul. We must look deep into ourselves and get in alignment with our Soul to live a life of full potential. This also means to free ourselves from all the blockages and obstacles of our past.


The connection to the outside world and others is a reflection of our connection to ourselves. We can work on it in both ways. Learning that everything in us and outside of us is ultimately connected is the path to a life full of bliss and meaning.


The Body is our tool to experience the world. In the relation and the deep connection we have to our body reflects our whole self. If we explore & train our wonderful body/mind connection we can find health and a deeper meaning in life.



Sascha Wagener

Sascha led a very special life in the last 20 years. Training martial arts from his childhood on, he started to travel to Asia to deepen his knowledge. He trained in various places, in monasteries and temples and widened his perspective with many different health methods. He then started on a 2 year exploration project around the globe searching for lost wisdom and traditional techniques. From this broad and deep source he creates training programs and concepts for private and business applications. In his hometown Dortmund in Germany he founded the martial arts, health and Asia center ‘Mein Tempel’ (my temple) and is founding member of the international Missing Link martial arts community as well as co-creator of the Secret Elements Qi Gong and therapy system.

More about Sascha here.

Camilla Moehle

Camilla is the organizer behind the camp and creates the flow of the whole experience. She used to work for five star hotels all around the world before she was drawn to new challenges and adventures.

Since then, she has completed an education as a Thai yoga massage therapist in one of the most prestigious training centers in Bangkok and has broadened this knowledge with a Shiatsu education. She is a Qi Gong instructor and enthusiast for a tasty and healthy plant-based nutrition. She loves to collect recipes from local chefs from around the world like Bali and Vietnam.
Camilla will help to create the culinary experience and will pass on some of her easy to make recipes and nutrition tips in the mindful eating workshop during the camp. Additionally, she will use her contagious passion for trail and obstacle runs to help you through our cross fit challenge.

Joana Gumpert

Joana has a well rounded background in various moving arts. As a child she started with oriental dance and became an experienced teacher and dancer. Besides that she is a fitness enthusiast, Yoga practitioner and generally movement addicted.

After training Kungfu in China she started to practice Qi Gong. She uses it on a daily basis to bring balance into her demanding days.

In her trainings she builds a close relationship with her students and combines her
physical training with a pinch of hippie love.

Besides that she is an environmental scientist and specialized on the effects of plastic. She will share her expertise in how to avoid plastic and how to create plastic free products.

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