No Journey’s End

The research project beside Life Atlas


No Journey’s End is a research project that started in 2014 when Sascha Wagener and fellow researchers started on a two year world exploration. This trip was designed to lead them to interesting new projects and sustainable ideas for the future and on the other hand to lost traditions and the wisdom from the past.

After two years they collected a considerable amount of fascinating findings. Like tracing down people who still hold up the almost lost traditions of Australian Aboriginal martial arts or researching the fascinating historical accountability of a past-life regression.

The intense travel phase of the initial project is over, but as the name indicates the research goes on.



Check out some of the short documentaries of No Journey’s End:

Aboriginal martial arts tradition

Earthship in New Zealand

Reincarnation – Do we have a past life? 

Taiaha – Martial arts of the Maori 

Blue Duck station, a very special place in New Zealand

Karate in the heart of Bangkok

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